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Remote Buddy 1.7 with completely reworked user interface, iPhone™ and iPod® Touch support

October 9, 2007 - Added to Press Release, Update

IOSPIRIT GmbH is excited to announce the release of version 1.7 of Remote Buddy today. Remote Buddy gives its users full control over their Mac® via their remote control. With over 95 directly supported applications and system functions, real virtual mouse and keyboard, built-in presentation tools, extensive configuration abilities as well as broad hardware support (incl. Apple® Remote, iPhone™, iPod® Touch and Wii™ Remote), Remote Buddy is targeting a broad and diverse audience.


New in version 1.7 are a completely redesigned configuration interface as well as a strongly extended version of Remote Buddy's integrated AJAX Remote. The AJAX Remote allows the usage of iPhone™ and iPod® Touch as an interactive highend remote control with focus on mediacenters and presentations.

Using AJAX Remote, almost all aspects of iTunes® can now be conveniently controlled via the touchscreen. Albums, artists and particular songs can be tracked down (no pun intended) with the integrated live search or located via the built-in music library browser. From there, they can be played back directly or enqueued in the current playlist. Support for switching between speakers connected through AirPort Express® as well as changing the repeat and shuffle modes, volume and track position has also been added. Playback controls and the ability to change the rating of a song are also provided.

Presenters are supported by the AJAX Remote's Presenter Trackpad. With the touch of their finger, users switch between the live view of their displays, reposition the mousepointer or toggle the Mousespot functionality, that softly highlights the current position of the mouse pointer.

Also new is the the AJAX Remote's camera module, that provides users with a live view of their iSight® and also allows taking snapshots with it.

Another huge area of change in Version 1.7 is the completely redesigned configuration interface. It has experienced further simplification, grouping by tasks and a new Leopard-style look - the forthcoming Mac OS® X release that this version is now also compatible to.

A video showing the AJAX Remote in action as well as an extensive collection of screenshots are immediately available at Remote Buddy's product page at

A complete and detailed list of changes is available at .

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