The Express version of the most powerful remote control solution for the Mac®. Control more than 100 applications, virtual keyboard and mouse, presentations, media center software and important system settings right from your iPhone™, iPod® Touch and your Apple® Remote!

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Currently, no demo version of Remote Buddy Express is available. You can, however - keeping the differences in mind - get a good impression by using the demo version of the "big" Remote Buddy.

  1. OS X® Yosemite Support
  2. New Behaviour for iBooks, Movist and Mac Blu-Ray Player
  3. Support for new iWork/iLife releases
  4. Release Notes

Key Features

  1. One Menu For Everything Switch between and control more than 100 applications using one central menu.
  2. Integrated Media Access Access your iTunes® library, VIDEO_TS folders, EyeTV channels and recordings inside Remote Buddy's menu.
  3. File Browsing Open recently opened documents or browse your complete file system.
  4. Advanced Control Control volume, display brightness and more with controls embedded right into Remote Buddy's menu.
  1. Mousespot For Presentations Turn your remote into a spotlight: highlight part of a slide using the integrated Mousespot feature.
  2. Easy Customization Assign a different action to a button with one click. Change the menu structure using drag and drop. Add custom actions.
  3. Tailor-made control of 100+ applications Plugins ("Behaviours") allow control of more than 100 supported apps. A Construction Kit for your own Behaviours is included.
  4. Virtual Input Devices The Virtual Mouse, Virtual Keyboard and the Apple® Remote Emulation (requires Candelair) help you replace other input devices with just one remote.
  1. iPhone™/iPod® Touch Integration Control your Mac® via WLAN using Remote Buddy's AJAX Remote. Gesture remote control, iTunes® library streaming and more.
  2. Unrivaled Apple® Remote support Support for both Apple® Remotes and our exclusive Candelair driver for maximum flexibility and minimum latency.
  3. System Control Sleep, shutdown, reboot, show/hide/quit applications, control Spaces®, change display settings, audio in- and outputs, ..
  4. Button Mapping Charts The menu includes button mapping charts that help you to see what actions are currently mapped to the core set of buttons.

Advanced iTunes® Control With Your Remote

  1. Switch local and remote speakers Control which AirPort Express® speaker is active in iTunes® or change your system's default audio output.
  2. Fullscreen mode Control iTunes® in its fullscreen mode. 10
  1. Library browser Browse your iTunes® library and use Remote Buddy's intelligent shortcuts to (re-)discover your music.
  2. Intelligent browsing Remote Buddy shortens your navigation paths by automatically splitting up long lists in alphabetic groups.
  1. Ratings, repeat & shuffle Change the rating of the currently playing song or the repeat and shuffle modes for the current playlist.
  2. Now playing Find out more about the currently playing song in Remote Buddy's menu or information display.

AJAX Remote - control your Mac® using your iPhone™, iPod® Touch or Safari®

  1. Gesture Remote Control Use gestures to control all applications Remote Buddy can control. More info…
  2. Presenter Trackpad Reposition the mouse on a live view of your screen. Perform clicks, control Mousespot and change to the next/previous slide. More info…
  3. Keyboard Enter a text and let Remote Buddy type it on your Mac® via its virtual keyboard. More info…
  1. iTunes® Control Control speakers, volume and playback. edit playlists, ratings, .. More info…
  2. Streaming Stream music and video from your iTunes® Library (only files in iPhone™/iPod® Touch compatible formats). More info…
  3. EyeTV Control Switch channels, browse and initiate playback of recordings. More info…
  1. Live Webcam View View the current picture of your Mac's iSight® (or your primary webcam / video camera respectively). More info…
  2. Movie Library Initiate playback of VIDEO_TS folders from Remote Buddy's Movie Library. More info…
  3. No App Installation AJAX Remote is implemented as web 2.0 application served from your Mac® by Remote Buddy's built-in HTTP server. More info…

System Requirements

  1. Mac OS® X 10.7 or later An Apple® Macintosh® computer with Intel® processor, running Mac OS® X 10.7 or later.
  1. Supported remote control hardware For a list of supported remote controls and their respective requirements, please click here.
  1. AJAX Remote Requirement: a reliable WLAN connection Please download Remote Buddy and test AJAX Remote with your network to verify that it meets the requirements, before you make a purchase.
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[10] This feature is currently only supported by iTunes® 9 and/or 10