Remote Buddy Express

The Express version of Remote Buddy.
What's the difference between Remote Buddy and Remote Buddy Express?

Remote Buddy

Remote Buddy Express
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Supported Remote Controls
Apple® IR Receiver (Built-In) with Apple® Remote
Apple® iPhone™/iPod® Touch (via Remote Buddy Mobile)
Apple® iPad® (via Remote Buddy Mobile)
Apple Watch® (via Remote Buddy Mobile)
Apple TV® 4 with Siri Remote (via Remote Buddy Display)
Logitech® Harmony® Hub remotes
Sony® PS3® BD Remote
Nintendo® Wii™ Remote
eHome/MCE IR receivers (see list)
Twisted Melon Manta™ TR-1 IR receiver
Keyspan Express IR receiver
Keyspan RF Remote For Front Row
EyeTV receivers (see list)
More remotes & receivers (see list)
Behaviours (excerpt)
Behaviour Online Updater
Virtual Mouse
Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Remote (via bundled Candelair driver) (via seperately available, free Candelair driver)
Configurable Button Mapping
Configurable Menu Profiles
Behaviour Options
Custom Actions
Behaviour Construction Kit
AppleScript® Interface
Pricing, Updates, Upgrades and Availability
Minor version updates (V1.x) Free Free
Availability Without delay. Typically 1-2 weeks later. Depends on duration and result of the Mac App Store Review process.
Major version upgrades (f.ex. V2.x, V3.x, ..) Not yet decided, still to be determined Not possible due to restrictions of the Mac App Store.
License Type License Code Handled by Mac App Store
Demo Version Available Yes No
Availability IOSPIRIT Online Store Mac App Store
Price 24.99 Euro * 27.99 Euro ** / 24.99 US$ **

* Same end price worldwide. For purchases from within the EU the price contains VAT at the standard rate of the respective EU member state (f.ex. that would be 19% for Germany).

** Current price, applicable and contained taxes vary depending on the respective country's Mac App Store. For information regarding the applicable and contained taxes for products offered in the Mac App Store of your country, please contact Apple. Despite this version having fewer features than the regular version, we can't offer a lower price as we have to account for Apple's 30% fee on all Mac App Store sales.

Remote Buddy Express

Requires macOS 10.7 or later. macOS High Sierra supported.