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How can I listen to / watch content from iTunes® on my iPhone™ / iPod® Touch? ("Streaming")

First of all, setup the AJAX Remote as described in the FAQ entry "How do I setup the AJAX Remote?".

Then follow these steps:

  1. In AJAX Remote on your iPod® Touch or iPhone™, tap on the "Music" symbol.

  2. Now tap on "Library" (upper-right corner) and navigate to the media file you want to playback on your iPod® Touch or iPhone™.

  3. Tap on the blue play button.

  4. If QuickTime® thinks that it can playback the file, you can now start playback by tapping on dark-blue playback button.

All preference settings are already set correctly by default. If you don't see any playback symbols: the remote access to files is only supported if you have set a password ("Require password" is enabled) and the option "Allow access to the files in your iTunes® library ("streaming")" is enabled as well. Both options can be found at Preferences > AJAX Remote.