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What is the task of the driver and what do I need it for?

The Setup Wizard already contains a summary on how the driver does help Remote Buddy to provide additional features and hardware support. If that summary was too short, here's some more info on each of the points:

  • fix for Apple Remote driver problems in OS X

    Since OS X 10.4.9 (that includes 10.4.10/10.4.11/10.5.x/..) many users have been experiencing that one button press on their remote does now trigger two reactions - once from any currently running application that supports the Apple Remote, once the default system action. So, this problem is not specific to Remote Buddy. The driver provides a clean, system conform fix to this problem using only documented APIs.

  • enabling of all features of built-in IR receivers

    Only with the Remote Buddy driver do you gain support for arbitrary length button presses for the Play and Menu buttons as well as minimized reaction times for all buttons. While this may sound like unimportant technical details, they actually do have a strong practical impact. If, for example, you want to map a function to the Play or Menu button, that you want to see executed for as long as you press that button, this was previously simply impossible to achieve. This limitation still applies to all other applications. It does not for Remote Buddy with the driver loaded.

  • the emulation of a virtual Apple Remote

    Control applications that have support for and listen to an Apple Remote - with any remote control of your choice supported by Remote Buddy. And on any Mac. This allows you to f.ex. use iAlertU side by side with Remote Buddy or accessing special functions and modes inside applications that would otherwise require these apps to have full control over the built-in IR receiver of your Mac - and that your Mac actually came with one.

  • support for Bluetooth remotes and external receivers

    It's not possible to reliably operate many Bluetooth based remotes, like for example the Wii Remote with a Mac purely from userspace due to limitations in the operating system. The situation for many external receivers is similiar: some of their features - or the entire device - can only be supported with the help of a driver.

Last updated: Apr 1, 2009