Support Remote Buddy FAQ Hardware - iPhone / iPod touch / AJAX Remote

How can I listen to / watch content from iTunes on my iPhone / iPod Touch? ("Streaming")

First of all, setup the AJAX Remote as described in the FAQ entry "How do I setup the AJAX Remote?".

Then follow these steps:

  1. In AJAX Remote on your iPod Touch or iPhone, tap on the "Music" symbol.

  2. Now tap on "Library" (upper-right corner) and navigate to the media file you want to playback on your iPod Touch or iPhone.

  3. Tap on the blue play button.

  4. If QuickTime thinks that it can playback the file, you can now start playback by tapping on dark-blue playback button.

All preference settings are already set correctly by default. If you don't see any playback symbols: the remote access to files is only supported if you have set a password ("Require password" is enabled) and the option "Allow access to the files in your iTunes library ("streaming")" is enabled as well. Both options can be found at Preferences > AJAX Remote.

Last updated: May 1, 2008