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What information is being transfered during online verification?

The following information is transfered to the server during online verification:

  1. a MD5 checksum of the license code
  2. a MD5 checksum of an arbitrary (= non-unique) machine identifier

One of the most important attributes of MD5 checksums is that the data they were created on can not be reconstructed from them. They can only be used for comparison with already existing data. So, the first MD5 checksum is compared with the MD5 checksums of valid license codes. The data, however, from which the second MD5 checksum has been created, is not known to us. Thus, we also can't extract any information on f.ex.. your hardware configuration.

Your personal records, like f.ex. name, email address and company, are neither transfered nor used for the verification process.

Last updated: Jun 13, 2007