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Configuring Harmony Companion for Remote Buddy 2

If you have already set up a Harmony Companion with Remote Buddy 1.x, your settings will be migrated automatically.

If you want to set up a new Harmony Companion with Remote Buddy 2, follow these steps:

Pairing the Harmony Hub with your Mac and Remote Buddy 2
  1. Install and run the Logitech Harmony Control app on your smartphone
  2. Switch to the "Devices" tab and select "Edit"
  3. Tap "+ Device" at the bottom of the list
  4. On the "Add device" screen, select "Computer"
  5. On the "Add computer" screen, select "Mac", then tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  6. Select "Yes" when asked if you'd like to creation an Action with the new device.
  7. Under "Choose devices", select only the new device, then tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  8. You're now asked to manually turn on your computer. Tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  9. You're now asked to confirm your computer is turned on. At this point:
    1. On your Mac, click on the Remote Buddy 2 menu bar icon and select "Set up new device…".
    2. Select your Harmony IR remote and click "Add device".
  10. In the Harmony app on your smartphone, tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  11. The Harmony now shows pairing instructions. At this point:
    1. Wait for "Harmony Keyboard" to show up in the Bluetooth device list on your Mac.
    2. Click "Connect" next to "Harmony Keyboard" to pair it.
  12. If successful, the app now confirms that the pairing has been successful. Tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  13. Select "Test later" if asked whether you want to test the Action now.
Adjusting the button configuration

In order to be able to use all buttons on your remote to control Remote Buddy 2, the actions to some buttons need to be changed in the Harmony app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Harmony app on your smartphone, tap the "hamburger" icon at the top-left.
  2. Select "Harmony Setup".
  3. Select "Add or edit devices and actions".
  4. Select "Actions".
  5. Select the action you created for your Mac.
  6. Select "Configure Remote".
  7. Select "Edit Buttons".
  8. Go through the Button → Action table below and tap those buttons for which the "Change needed" column contains "Yes", then make sure the Short and Long actions for these buttons match what is listed in the table.

    If later a button does not work or seems to trigger the wrong action, check if the Action for the short and long presses for the button matches with those in the table.
  9. When done, back out of the menu to sync the changes.
Button → Action table

In order for a button press being recognized correctly - or at all - by Remote Buddy 2, the correct Actions need to be configured for each Button in Logitech's Harmony app. Otherwise a button press will not be converted by the Harmony Hub to the key press expected by Remote Buddy 2 for that button.

Button Action for Short / Long press Change needed
Rewind Rewind / Rewind -
Play Play / Play -
Fast Forward Fast Forward / Fast Forward -
Record R / R Yes
Pause P / P Yes
Stop S / S Yes
Red C / C -
Green D / D -
Yellow E / E Yes
Blue F / F Yes
DVR V / V Yes
Guide G / G Yes
Info N / N Yes
Exit B / B Yes
Menu Menu / Menu Yes
Vol + VolumeUp / VolumeUp -
Vol - VolumeDown / VolumeDown -
Ch Up ChannelUp / ChannelUp Yes
Ch Down ChannelDown / ChannelDown Yes
Direction Up DirectionUp / DirectionUp -
Direction Down DirectionDown / DirectionDown -
Direction Left DirectionLeft / DirectionLeft -
Direction Right DirectionRight / DirectionRight-
Direction SelectOK / OK -
Mute Mute / Mute -
Back Back / Back -
1 1 / 1 -
2 2 / 2 -
3 3 / 3 -
4 4 / 4 -
5 5 / 5 -
6 6 / 6 -
7 7 / 7 -
8 8 / 8 -
9 9 / 9 -
0 0 / 0 -
.- H / H Yes
E M / M Yes