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Configuring Harmony One for Remote Buddy 2

Follow these steps to configure a Harmony One for use with Remote Buddy 2 on your Mac:

In Remote Buddy 2
  1. Click on Remote Buddy's menu bar icon and select Set up new device….
  2. Select Harmony One and click Add device.
  3. Perform configuration in
    1. Launch and log into your Harmony account.

    2. Select your Harmony One remote.

    3. Inside the overview for your remote, select Devices on the left.

    4. Click on Add device.

    5. Enter iospirit as Manufacturer and Remote Buddy Universal as Device Model Number.

    6. Click on the Add button.

    7. Connect your Harmony One via USB and click on Sync.

  4. Click Proceed in Remote Buddy after completing the configuration in


  • If the Enter (E) button below the remote's numpad doesn't work, go to the Buttons section, select the Iospirit Media Player device and check that the Enter command has been assigned to the button. If not, locate it in the list of commands on the right and drag and drop it onto the button.
  • If you can't control Remote Buddy with your remote, check that the device has been selected on the remote. You can find the button to which the Iospirit Media Player device has been assigned by selecting Iospirit Media Player under Devices. The name of the button can then be found above the list of actions for the device. Press that button on your Harmony remote to switch to that device and control Remote Buddy.


For the technically interested: the table below contains the Apple IR codes for every command in Remote Buddy Universal.