Remote Buddy 1.24 is now available from the IOSPIRIT website as a free update.

Support for OS X Mavericks and Apple's latest iWork and iLife updates

This release is now compatible with OS X Mavericks as well as Apple's latest updates to Keynote, iPhoto and GarageBand from last week.

Control iBooks, Lightroom 5, Movist and Mac Blu-Ray Player with your remote

New Behaviours have been added in this release, so that you can now control the new iBooks app in OS X Mavericks, Lightroom 5, Movist and Mac Blu-Ray Player with your remote control. While Remote Buddy still offers actions to navigate running slide shows in Lightroom 5, it appears that Adobe has dropped that feature in the latest release of its photo management and editing software. So these actions - unless Adobe adds the feature back - will do nothing. [Update 2013-11-11] To control your slideshows in Lightroom 5 slide by slide, please turn on "Manual Mode" under "Slideshow > Playback > Manual slideshow". Thanks to Leonard Meerkerk for this tip!

Improved iTunes 11 support

Remote Buddy now takes advantage of new iTunes 11 APIs for controlling remote speakers (aka "AirPlay"). Since even with the latest iTunes 11 release, the APIs for controlling repeat and shuffle remain defect, Remote Buddy now works around this by using UI automation.


Remote Buddy 1.0 was released in June 2006 - more than seven years ago. What started as an experiment focusing on the Apple Remote has become a complex, yet still easy-to-use solution for using a great number of remote controls to control a great number of applications. Whenever possible, I've tried to maintain compatibility with old OS X and application releases. It currently supports six major OS X releases (10.4-10.9) as well as a still growing number of old and new versions of popular applications.

As time moves on, the inevitable result is that an increasing amount of development time needs to be spent on supporting software that a decreasing number of people are actually using. Less time remains for innovating and adding new features.

To improve this situation, I need to get a better idea of what's important for Remote Buddy's users. That's where Metrics comes into play. Not satisfied with what I found in the market, I've been building my own system over the past couple of months.

Metrics is designed from ground up to respect your privacy. The collected statistical data does not contain any information that makes you personally identifiable. It is also submitted and processed in a way that guarantees anonymity and makes it impossible to build profiles of particular users. For more information on how it works and how you can turn it off, please see section 7.3 of the updated license agreement and the release notes for Remote Buddy 1.24 respectively.

By allowing Remote Buddy to submit anonymous statistical information, you now have a vote regarding its future direction and you help me a great deal in identifying the key areas to focus on. My thanks to all who participate!

Remote Buddy Express update underway / App Nap under OS X Mavericks

Remote Buddy Express 1.24 will shortly be submitted to Apple® for review. The time that updates spent in review has varied greatly in the past, so that no forecast is possible as to when it will be available.

Until the update is available, please make sure you disable App Nap when using Remote Buddy Express 1.23 or older. To disable App Nap, right-click "Remote Buddy" in the Finder and select "Get Info" in the context menu that opens. In the window that opens now, make sure the checkbox disabling App Nap is checked. You may need to re-launch Remote Buddy Express for this change to take effect.

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