In 2007, before Apple launched the iPhone SDK and the App Store, Remote Buddy was the first complete solution that turned your iPhone into a remote control for your Mac. Driven by its own embedded web server and web 2.0 technologies, Remote Buddy delivered AJAX Remote to the iPhone's Safari browser to implement a web app that looked and behaved like a native app.

And while, in the following years, AJAX Remote continued to receive updates that increased performance, responsiveness and introduced new features, the long-term goal has always been to eventually replace it with a completely new, native app.

The next chapter on mobile

That new, native app is called Remote Buddy Mobile and I'm incredibly proud to give you a sneak peek at it today.

With Remote Buddy Mobile you can use your iOS device as a remote, trackpad and keyboard for your Mac. Beam your Mac's screen right onto your device with the integrated screen sharing module. Turn your Apple Watch into a remote control for your Mac with the included Watch App. Or manage apps and run actions.

Use Remote Buddy Mobile as a powerful remote for your Mac-based home theater (HTPC), to control your presentations, to keep an eye on or even access the screen from another room (via built-in screen sharing) and much, much more.

Remote Buddy Mobile was built using the latest iOS 8 technologies to support iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.

There's more

Remote Buddy Mobile is just a small part of the complete picture that still has to be completed and unveiled. Join us on our journey and sign up for email updates to learn about the other exciting things that are in store this and next year.

Also check out @remotebuddy on Twitter for exclusive, additional sneak peeks.

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