Remote Buddy 1.31 is available starting today and focuses on compatibility with macOS 10.13 "High Sierra", which Apple will release next week.

Update Remote Buddy before upgrading

High Sierra breaks the built-in updater of older Remote Buddy releases. Therefore, please update Remote Buddy before upgrading to High Sierra.

But no worries: if you upgraded to High Sierra before updating Remote Buddy, you can update manually by following the instructions on the download page.

User-Approved Kernel Extension Loading

While most changes in High Sierra are under the hood, there are also a few user-facing changes. One area of change happens to be Kernel Extensions. Remote Buddy currently uses a kernel extension for most of its drivers as well as the best Apple IR emulation available today.

Starting with High Sierra, macOS no longer allows apps to install and load kernel extensions - even if you authorized the app to do so just a moment ago.

Instead, High Sierra informs you that the loading of a kernel extension has been blocked and that you need to click "Allow" in the "Security & Privacy" pane of System Preferences.

Certainly, Apple could have done better than this. But Apple decided not to.

To make setup as easy as possible for you, Remote Buddy's Setup Wizard is now accompanied by a helper that guides you through the approval. Here's what it looks like:


Version 1.31 of Remote Buddy is available as a free update here. Enjoy - and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you run into any issues.

Update (September 27th, 2017):

A few new issues were identified when testing against the release version of High Sierra. These are addressed in Remote Buddy 1.31.1.

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