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MCE IR Receivers

Microsoft introduced the eHome IR receiver standard alongside Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE). That standard has since been adopted by various manufacturers to build USB IR receivers and transceivers.

Buying advice

These days MCE IR receivers can be hard to get and be expensive in comparison.

So, if you're in the market for a new IR receiver for Remote Buddy 2, be sure to also check out the Flirc USB IR receiver, which is widely available, very affordable (especially through our Benefits program) and integrated with Remote Buddy 2 at the firmware level.

These eHome/MCE receivers are known to be compatible with Remote Buddy 2:

  • HP OVU400102/71
  • Lenovo OVU430006/01
  • Microsoft OVU4003
  • Philips OVU4003 (incl. OVU400301/00)
  • Philips OVU4110 (incl. OVU411002/00, part of the SRM 5100 bundle)
  • Philips OVU4120 (incl. OVU412000/00)
  • Rosewill RHRC-11001
  • SMK eHome Infrared Transceiver (USB Vendor ID: 0x0609, Product ID: 0x031d)
  • SMK MCE Tranceivr Emulator Device 2006 (USB Vendor ID: 0x0609, Product ID: 0x0334)
  • TopSeed TSES-IR01 (USB Vendor ID: 0x1784, Product ID: 0x0001, part of the Hauppauge Media Center Remote Control Kit)
  • Twisted Melon™ Manta™ TR1
  • Twisted Melon™ Manta™ Mini

Philips receivers are often sold in branded versions - most often recognizable by their design and a label on the bottom with the Philips model number printed on it. For example, Microsoft has sold a receiver in the past that carried the OVU4003 model number.

Wakeup support

Many MCE receivers support waking up the host computer in response to a press of the power button on the remote they were bundled with.

IR transmitter support

Many MCE receivers support (or even come with) IR transmitters that typically connect to the MCE receiver through a headphone jack. Due to the wide range of different MCE receivers on the market, Remote Buddy 2 can only take a best-effort approach to support these IR transmitters, enabling - where successful - the control of other devices like f.ex. TVs.

These IR transmitters usually have a relatively short range and are made to be attached directly onto the target device's IR sensor with pre-mounted sticky tape on the transmitter.

Kompatible Fernbedienungen

The following IR remotes are supported by Remote Buddy 2 and compatible with MCE IR Receivers:

Apple Remote (Aluminium)
Apple Remote (white)
Keyspan REM17B IR Remote
Logitech Harmony 300/350
Logitech Harmony 525
Logitech Harmony 650/665
Logitech Harmony 880
Logitech Harmony 950
Logitech Harmony One
Microsoft MCE Remote 1039
Philips SRM 5100
Trust RC-2400
Roku IR Remote (RC-16F)

Apps mit Unterstützung für MCE IR Receivers

macOS 10.13 and later
Remote Buddy 2.0
macOS 10.7 - 10.12
Remote Buddy 1.x

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