Remote Buddy

Fully control your Mac - by remote, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.


Remote Buddy provides you with a single solution to access and control your Mac from many different devices.

One App. One Menu.

Remote Buddy's menu is at the intersection of remotes and apps. Here you can switch, quit and launch apps, store and access additional actions, browse the file system and media collections, control volume, playback and system options – and much, much more.

Screen Sharing

Yes, that's right! Remote Buddy is the first remote app to ship with integrated screen sharing. Developed specfically for local use, our own technology delivers screen content with up to 60 frames per second and a consistently low latency (typically less than 0.1s) to your iOS and tvOS devices.

Highly customizable

Remote Buddy ships with great defaults, but is highly customizable to meet your individual needs. Assign a different action to a button with one click. Change the menu structure using drag and drop. Create your own custom actions. Or your own complete plugin using the Behaviour Construction Kit.

Virtual Input Devices

The Virtual Mouse, Virtual Keyboard and the Apple Remote Emulation help you replace other input devices with a single remote.

Integrated Media Access

Access your iTunes library, VIDEO_TS folders, EyeTV channels and recordings inside Remote Buddy's menu.

Mousespot for Presenters

It's time to retire that laser pointer. The integrated Mousespot feature is a neat spotlight-effect that helps you direct audience attention exactly where you want it.

System Control

Sleep, shutdown, reboot, show/hide/quit applications, change display settings, audio in- and outputs, … there's a lot you can do with your remote and Remote Buddy.

Companion Apps

Use these apps to connect to Remote Buddy on your Mac from your other Apple devices.

Remote Buddy Mobile

Control your Mac with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Remote Control
Screen Sharing
Actions and App Control
Watch App
Night Mode
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Remote Buddy Display

Use the Remote Buddy Display app for the new Apple TV to bring your Mac apps onto the big screen and control them with the Siri Remote.
Remote Control
Screen Sharing
Automatic Mousespot
Actions and App Control
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Hardware Options

Remote Buddy provides direct driver support for many remotes and receivers, so you can use them to control your Mac.

Logitech® Harmony® Smart Control / Companion / Ultimate / Elite

Logitech® Harmony® Hub-based remotes are our favorites when it comes to universal remotes for home theaters. The Harmony® Hub included with the Harmony® Smart Control / Companion / Ultimate / Elite packages connects to Remote Buddy on your Mac via Bluetooth, so the connection is rock solid and no line of sight or external USB IR receiver is needed. Button presses from the RF-based remotes are forwarded to Remote Buddy by the Hub almost instantly, making it a joy to use.

Setup Guide

Apple Remote and Built-In IR Receiver

Remote Buddy can use the driver that ships with macOS - or our own bundled Candelair driver.

Candelair offers lower latency, accurate recognition of the beginning and end of all button presses and enables end-to-end event optimization to avoid unnecessary delays.

Apple Remote and external IR Receiver

These days, most new Macs ship without an IR Receiver, so they don't work with the Apple Remote out of the box.

You can still use an Apple Remote with these Macs by installing Remote Buddy and adding a compatible USB IR receiver to your setup. For a list of supported USB IR receivers, please see the hardware page.

Supported Hardware

Other Bluetooth Remotes

The Sony BD PS3 Remote is an excellent choice if you want a remote with many buttons.

Prefer a magic wand to many buttons? Then the original (non-Plus) Wii™ Remote and its IR mouse mode may be of interest.

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More Remotes & Receivers

Remote Buddy supports more remotes and receivers. For the complete list of compatible devices, please see the Hardware page.

Supported Hardware

Remote Buddy

Requires macOS 10.7 or later. macOS 10.14 Mojave supported.