Remote Buddy 2

Control apps, web videos and more on your Mac – from your iPhone, Siri Remote, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Remote and many other remote controls.

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Core Features

Supports 100+ Mac apps

Hit the ground running - thanks to tailor-made support for more than 100 Mac apps! Ready to use, but also customizable - with over 1.000 included actions to choose from.

Supported apps →

Powerful Menu System

Switch and quit apps, change the system volume, trigger actions, browse the filesystem or your local Music library, put your Mac to sleep and much more!

All from a single, customizable menu.

Web Video Control

Control most web videos in Safari, Chrome and Edge through a single set of playback actions:

Play / Pause
Change speed
Jump ± 10 sec
Volume & Mute

Want to pause - or watch that movie on Netflix or Prime Video at higher speed? Just press that button!

Tested and found to work on these websites*:
Streaming Video + Social Media


Prime Video













Cloud Storage

Amazon Drive


Microsoft OneDrive



* All results as of April 3rd, 2021. Due to the possibility of changes to websites or browsers the availability of web video control features is subject to change without notice. Unless stated otherwise, IOSPIRIT GmbH and Remote Buddy are neither affiliated with nor endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned companies, brands, products, websites or services.

Siri Remote support

Remote Buddy 2 now supports the Siri Remote, turning it into one of the most powerful and versatile remotes for the Mac.


Move the mouse pointer, click, drag or scroll. Integrated with the Mousespot pointer spotlight effect.


Control apps using the built-in buttons and the clickpad or touchpad respectively.


Enter text or simulate pressing key combinations with the virtual on-screen keyboard.

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Mouse and Keyboard

Turn your iPhone or remote control into a keyboard and mouse for your Mac.

Use the included Mousespot effect to shine a light on what matters in your presentations - or to quickly locate the mouse cursor on the big screen.

Screen Sharing 2nd Generation

Mirror the screens of your Mac onto your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using our free companion apps.

Our unique screen sharing technology delivers up to 60 fps with high image quality, transports your input with low latency and connects quickly.

Send IR commands Technology Preview

Remote Buddy can record and replay IR codes, allowing you to control many devices like TVs or amplifiers through Remote Buddy. Requires a compatible IR transmitter such as Flirc USB.

Desktop Actions

Use the new Desktop Actions to trigger Mission Control, switch Spaces and more.

File Browsing

Browse the file system and open files through Remote Buddy's menu.

Sleep and Wakeup

Put your Mac to sleep - and wake it up again through Wake-On-LAN (WOL) using the companion apps. Or with an Apple Remote and Flirc USB IR receiver.

Audio Control

Change your system's default audio volume and audio output (including AirPlay targets) via Remote Buddy's menu or through the companion apps.

Remote Control + Receiver support

In addition to highly sophisticated companion apps for iOS and tvOS, Remote Buddy can also be controlled with many supported remote controls and includes driver support for many IR receivers.


Customize button mapping and menu layout to suit your needs. Choose from the more than 1.000 included actions - or create your own custom actions and Behaviours using simulated key presses, AppleScript, IR commands and more.

Remote Buddy is so customizable it can be used to control almost anything: from home theater setups and presentations all the way to large telescopes!

Control your Mac with Apps and Remotes

For iPhone & iPad

Remote Buddy Mobile

Turns your iPhone and iPad into a powerful remote control for your Mac.

Free companion app.

Smart Remote
Web Video Control
Screen Sharing
Sleep / Wake

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For Apple TV with Siri Remote

Remote Buddy Display

Mirrors your Mac's screen on your Apple TV and allows you to control it with the Siri Remote.

Free companion app.

Remote Control
Web Video Control
Screen Sharing
Sleep / Wake

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Bluetooth & Infrared

Remote Controls

Control your Mac with many supported IR and Bluetooth remotes. Chances are you already have one that's supported.

All supported remotes + receivers →

Remote Buddy 2

Requires macOS 10.13 or later. macOS 14 Sonoma and Apple silicon supported.