Advanced playback and speed controls for web videos in Safari.

For Safari on iOS and macOS.

For iPhone / iPad
For Mac

Smart playback controls

Change speed, save time

Adjust video speed from 0.5× to 2.0× – in fine 0.05 increments, so it's just the right speed for you, saving you time. How much time? Even at a modest speed of 1.2×, you already save 10 minutes per hour of video.

Jump back / forward

What was just said? Easily jump back a few seconds to see and hear it again. Likewise, jumping forward is convenient to skip short segments. The default jump interval is 10 seconds, but you can also pick your own.

More ways to watch and enjoy

On many sites, Vidimote gives you additional options to watch web videos: in picture-in-picture mode, fullscreen - or by sending it to AirPlay targets.

Play / Pause

Play and pause buttons for videos are located in many different places. With Vidimote, at least one play/pause button is now always in the same spot.

8:15:00 PM

Better times

Remaining time in Vidimote takes the video speed into account: what is shown is the actual time remaining.

For live streams, Vidimote shows the approximate clock time for the current stream position, making it a lot easier to find f.ex. the beginning of a show when using time shifting.

Back to

Catch up with live streams

Late to a live stream, but time shifting is supported?

Depending on how late you are, consider watching the time shifted part at a higher speed.

When you caught up and the stream comes back to live, Vidimote will automatically change speed to 1.0×.

Extended picture-in-picture

Additional PiP controls

Vidimote adds controls to PiP that allow you to jump back and forth as well as see the current speed and actually remaining time to the end of the video.

Adjust speed in PiP

Move the mouse pointer over the right part of Vidimote's PiP control bar to reveal buttons for adjusting playback speed.



Pick the time intervals you'd like Vidimote to skip back and forward. Or adjust the range within which you'd like to be able to adjust speed (from 0.1x to 10x).

Default speed

Pick a default speed that you'd like videos to start playing in - and Vidimote will apply it to new videos automatically.

Highly compatible

Vidimote brings its own mesh technology to the table, allowing it to reach and control virtually any web video on a web page, regardless of how many layers deep it is embedded.

We have successfully tested Vidimote with a large number of websites, including popular ones such as:

Streaming Video

Amazon Prime Video

Apple TV+ (









Social Media









News & Television

ARD Mediathek


heise online


Knowledge & Education

Apple Developer


Khan Academy

MIT Open Courseware



Cloud Storage

Amazon Drive


Google Drive


Microsoft OneDrive



Results as of November 18th, 2021. Some of the websites only offer web videos on iPads and refer to native apps on iPhones.Some of the websites only offer web videos when viewed in Safari on Mac and refer to native apps on iPad and iPhone. Due to the possibility of changes to websites and browsers, compatibility is subject to change without notice. Unless stated otherwise, IOSPIRIT GmbH and Vidimote are neither affiliated with nor endorsed or sponsored by any of the aforementioned companies, brands, products, websites or services.

Please let us know if you run into a web video that you can't control with Vidimote.

In the media

System requirements

Vidimote for iOS requires iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or later.
Vidimote for Mac requires macOS 10.13 and Safari 13.1.2 or later.

Vidimote for Mac requires macOS 10.13 and Safari 13.1.2 or later.
Vidimote for iOS requires iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 or later.

Vidimote for Safari

Requires at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15 or macOS 10.13 (with Safari 13.1.2 or later)