Store Information

About the articles in our Online Store

The articles in our Online Store are downloads (also called "download versions"). These consist of two parts:

  • a license code for the purchased software
  • a file that needs to be downloaded ("Download"), containing the actual software
Both are handled completely online. No postal shipping is taking place.

Your security

The security of your data is very important to us. Some of our measures:

  • Secure data transfer: our online shop uses SSL encryption for the secure transfer of your personal data.
  • Security for your credit card data: credit card payments are processed via the payment processor Braintree, which meets the strict PCI DSS security standard and is audited and certified on a regular basis.
  • Security for your personal data: your personal data is only used for processing your purchase and fulfilling our tax obligations. For more information on this topic, please see our privacy policy.

How purchasing works

Here's an overview over the steps necessary to place a purchase in our Online Store.

1. The Shopping Cart
  1. Our website is opened in the browser. A click on "Store" in the upper navigation bar brings up our Online Store and its article overview.
  2. A click on "Add to cart" puts the respective article in the shopping cart.
  3. The article is now in the shopping cart - now displayed above the article overview. In the shopping cart, the quantity of each article can be changed. Articles can also be removed from it. If a promotion code shall be applied, it has to be entered now into the field "Promotion code" - followed by a press of the "Add" button next to it.
  4. If the shopping cart contains all articles to be purchased and all promotion codes that shall be used, a click on "Proceed to checkout" leads to the checkout page.
2. The Checkout Page
  1. The customer enters his/her personal data in the area titled "Your address".
  2. A click on "Proceed" sends the form contents to our servers for storage and performing validation. If the customer did not enter required data, the page will inform the customer accordingly.
  3. If all required data has been provided, the method of payment can now be chosen. depending on which country the customer has entered under "Your address", a different selection of methods of payments are available in the area titled "Payment".
  4. Once a method of payment has been chosen, further information may need to be entered, depending on which method of payment has been chosen.
  5. A click on "Proceed" sends the data to our server for storage and performing validation. The customer will be informed by the page in case of errors. If the data is complete, the customer will be forwarded to the purchase data overview.
3. Review and submission of purchase
  1. The customer is provided with an overview over the entered purchase for review purposes.
  2. Changes can be made with a click on the respective "Edit" buttons located above the respective piece of data to edit.
  3. The terms and conditions are linked to further down below and can be viewed in full length by clicking on the link.
  4. A click on "cancel order" cancels the purchase process.
  5. A click on "Purchase" submits the purchase for processing.
4. Processing of purchase
  1. If a purchase is submitted for processing, credit cards and PayPal accounts are charged, if they were selected as method of payment.
  2. If the payment or purchase could not be processed successfully, the page will present an error to the customer and provide the option to make adjustments to the purchase.
  3. If the purchase could be processed successfully, the customer is forwarded to the confirmation page and is also sent a confirmation email.
    If the payment was received instantly (which is the case for successful credit card payments and most PayPal payments), the purchased license code as well as the download information are being displayed here as well. If the customer intends to pay by bank transfer, all necessary data to make the payment is displayed. For those methods of payments where an instant receipt of payment is not possible, the customer receives download information and license code in a separate email as soon as the purchase has been fully paid for.

Last updated: May 28th, 2014