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What is Remote Buddy?

Remote Buddy is a remote control app for the Mac. It allows using the Siri Remote, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and many Bluetooth and IR remotes to control: over 100+ Mac apps, web video playback, virtual mouse and keyboard, a configurable overlay menu with file browser and controls – and much more.

The companion apps for iOS (Remote Buddy Mobile) and tvOS (Remote Buddy Display) offer many extras, including screen sharing with up to 60fps.

Core Features

  • Control Apps: controls 100+ Mac apps with more than 1.000 tailor-made, app-specific actions.
  • Control Web Video Playback: play / pause, change volume, mute, jump +/- 10 seconds in and change playback speed of most web videos in Safari and Chrome (including Netflix, Prime Video, Twitch, Twitter,, Vimeo, YouTube, MagentaTV, Facebook, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, ownCloud, Nextcloud).
  • Configurable Menu: a single, configurable on-screen menu allows switching and quitting apps, change the system volume, run actions, browse the filesystem or local Music libraries, put the Mac to sleep and much more!
  • Virtual Keyboard and Mouse: allows using supported remotes and devices as mouse and keyboard.
  • Mouse Pointer Spotlight Effect: highlights the current mouse position with a spotlight effect. Useful for highlighting in presentations.
  • Screen Sharing: mirrors the screens of the Mac onto iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using the companion apps (details below). Our unique screen sharing technology delivers up to 60 fps with high image quality, transports input with low latency and connects quickly.
  • Send IR commands: records and replays infrared (IR) codes, allowing to control many devices like TVs or amplifiers through Remote Buddy. Requires a compatible IR transmitter such as Flirc USB.
  • Siri Remote support: allows using the Siri Remote as remote, mouse, keyboard and presentation spotlight.
  • iOS and tvOS companion apps: Remote Buddy Mobile (iOS) and Remote Buddy Display (tvOS) turn iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs into powerful, smart remotes for the Mac. The connection to the Mac is secured with strong, certificate-based TLS encryption.
  • Flirc Integration: integration with the Flirc USB IR transceiver at the firmware level, allowing specialized features like waking up Macs with Apple Remote or recording and replaying IR commands.
  • Remote Control drivers: includes drivers for more than 30 Bluetooth, IR and RF remotes – including many popular remotes from Amazon, Logitech Harmony and Satechi.

New in version 2.0

Version 2.0 includes so many new features that the list needed its own page.


A new license costs 24.99 € / 24.99 US$ and includes one year of free updates. The license does not expire and customers can continue using the last included update. Another year of updates can be purchased for 14.99 € / 14.99 US$.

Upgrades from Remote Buddy version 1.x licenses are available for free or at a discount, depending on license type and purchase date.

The companion apps for iOS and tvOS are available for free on the respective App Stores from Apple.


Remote Buddy (Mac) is available for downloaded from and can be purchased at

Remote Buddy Mobile (iOS) is available from the App Store.

Remote Buddy Display (tvOS) is available from the App Store.

Remote Buddy, Remote Buddy Mobile and Remote Buddy Display are localized in English and German.

System requirements

The minimum required OS versions are:

  • macOS 10.13 for Remote Buddy. Devices can require later versions (f.ex. Siri Remote (2021) requires macOS 11.3.1)
  • iOS 12 for Remote Buddy Mobile.
  • tvOS 14.2 for Remote Buddy Display.

Remote Buddy is provided in native versions for Intel and Apple silicon.


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Siri Remote support in Remote Buddy

1 min 41 sec – May 2021

Remote Buddy Display: Introduction

1 min 37 sec – November 2015

Original Release Date and History

Remote Buddy has been originally released on June 6th, 2006. A retrospective in our blog from 2016 provides a look back on its first 10 years.


IOSPIRIT GmbH was founded by Felix Schwarz in 2004 and is based in Germany. Indie since 1995, Felix has developed software for various platforms and technology stacks, including Amiga, Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and the web.

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