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Remote Buddy Display 2

See, hear & control your Mac from your Apple TV using the Siri Remote.

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See it in action

Lean back, connect to your Mac right from your Apple TV and control it with the Siri Remote in your hand. Skip the cloud and beam all the photos, presentations, documents and other content on your Mac directly onto the big screen.

Turn your Siri Remote into an awesome presentation tool with Mousespot. Connect your Apple TV to a projector in your conference room and use it as a shared Mac display and remote control solution for the whole team.


Remote Control

Turn the remote of your Apple TV into a remote for over 100+ popular Mac apps, for which Remote Buddy provides tailor-made plugins.


Turn the touchpad of your Apple TV Remote into a mini-trackpad for your Mac. Supports clicking, dragging and scrolling.

Screen Sharing 2nd Generation

Beam your Mac's screen right onto your TV. Remote Buddy Display uses its own high-performance screen sharing engine and protocol, developed from ground-up for tvOS and iOS, with a focus on high frame rates and low latency.

Automatic Mousespot

While in trackpad mode, rest a finger on the remote's touchpad for two seconds to highlight the area around the mouse cursor. When you're done, just lift the finger for two seconds and the highlight effect disappears. A terrific tool to bring more life and expression to presentations - or just locate the mouse cursor on screen.


Use Remote Buddy's on-screen keyboard to type text or control apps. Complete with letter previews, modifier and cursor keys. Bluetooth keyboards connected to your Apple TV are also supported.

Actions and App Control

Pick from Remote Buddy's huge library of app-specific actions, launch, switch and quit apps right from your Apple TV. Mark frequently used items as favorites for quick access.

Secure Connection

Strong, certificate-based TLS encryption secures the connection between Remote Buddy Display on your Apple TV and Remote Buddy on your Mac.

Sleep + Wake

Put your Mac to sleep to save energy. And when you need it again, use Remote Buddy Display's Wake-On-LAN (WOL) support to wake it up from your Apple TV.

„This tvOS (!!) app blew my mind.”
„It works incredibly well.”

A novel approach

How Remote Buddy Display's take on screen sharing compares to other technologies.

Technology Remote Buddy Display AirPlay VNC
Connection started from Apple TV Mac Apple TV
Performance High High Low for frequent fullscreen updates
Latency Low Low Up to several seconds for frequent fullscreen updates
Multidisplay support Yes No Yes
Special hardware requirements No Yes, not all Macs supported. No
Input Device support Remote Buddy Display AirPlay VNC
Remote Control Yes No No
Keyboard Yes No Yes
Mouse / Trackpad Yes No Yes
Context Awareness Remote Buddy Display AirPlay VNC
App Control Yes No No
App auto-detect with app-specific actions Yes No No
Power actions Yes No No
Mousespot Yes No No
Remote Buddy Display

Requires tvOS 14.2 or later.