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Apple Remote (Aluminium)

The Apple Remote was an infrared (IR) remote from Apple - and one of our all-time favorite remotes: housed in a slim and durable aluminium enclosure, its buttons "click" at just the right pressure point and send commands very promptly.

The Apple Remote is also the only IR remote supported by Remote Buddy 2 that supports pairing. The remote achieves this by sending an ID (from 0 to 255) as part of every command, allowing software to identify and tell apart sending remotes.

Apple silently discontinued the Apple Remote in late 2022 or early 2023.

Use the Apple Remote with a new Mac

If you try to use an Apple Remote with a new Mac, you'll discover that it doesn't work. That's because today's Macs ship without the necessary IR receiver.

With Remote Buddy 2 and a Flirc USB, however, you can make it work - including pairing, wake from sleep and more!

Knowledge Base
Compatible IR receivers

This remote requires an infrared (IR) receiver. The following IR receivers are supported by Remote Buddy 2 and compatible with Apple Remote (Aluminium):


Flirc USB

Apple IR Receiver
Keyspan UIA-11
MCE IR Receivers

Receivers with Wakeup badge can be used with Apple Remote (Aluminium) to wake the Mac from sleep.

Apps supporting Apple Remote (Aluminium)

macOS 10.13 and later
Remote Buddy 2.0
macOS 10.7 - 10.12
Remote Buddy 1.x

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