About our discontinued Amiga products

IOSPIRIT GmbH has ended its Amiga business on the 1st of April 2007.

In the future, IOSPIRIT GmbH will be focusing solely on its Mac® products. In order to better serve the needs of that market and to be able to process incoming orders faster and more efficiently, a reimplementation of the shop system is currently being worked on.

The reasons for the decision to no longer operate in the Amiga market are as follows:

  • we want to fully commit to developing Mac® products in the future.
  • the big additional overhead that would be necessary to integrate (permanent) support for download and package versions of Amiga software into the new concept and the drawbacks that would come with this for the majority of our customers - which today are Mac® users.
  • the decreasing demand for Amiga products and the the situation of the Amiga market in general.

IOSPIRIT's own Amiga titles are no longer available since April, 1st, 2007 - except of course for remaining stock at dealers. The future distribution as well as development and support of IBrowse is handled directly by the IBrowse development team. You can find their website at http://www.ibrowse-dev.net/.

Many thanks go to

  • all of our customers and users for being loyal for so many years, which has made the development of our Amiga titles possible in the first place.
  • all developer and scene buddies for the many interesting, reflective, funny, educational, helpful and amicable moments, anecdotes and experiences.
  • all those, who have always been there to help with mental and moral support and an independant, second opinion.

We wish all of you all the best for the future and would be happy to see you again over in the Mac® market. If you are interested in what we are currently working on, you can find our Mac® products at http://www.iospirit.com/.


Felix Schwarz

Update 28th August 2007

As written above, the IOSPIRIT GmbH has completely ended its Amiga business on the 1st of April 2007. We also don't intend to offer free full versions, start open source projects or sell or licence the sourcecode to third parties. Please do not send us inquiries regarding this topic or order requests for the Amiga products. Thanks.

Customers, who have purchased a download version in the past, should make a backup on CD-R until the 31st of December 2007. The files continue to be available in the login area until that date (in the "Purchases" and "My updates" sections).