The alternative Apple® IR Receiver driver and emulator.


Alternative Driver

Candelair includes an alternative driver for built-in Apple IR Receivers. Where the original driver falls short, Candelair shines: improved reliability with third-party apps, better responsiveness, always-available pairing and a clean, direct access API for applications like Remote Buddy.

Apple Remote Emulation

Candelair is capable of emulating an Apple Remote on every Mac - even those without a built-in IR Receiver. Candelair can synthesize remote control events that are identical to those of a real Apple Remote, providing access to the otherwise inaccessible, built-in remote control support in many apps. Apps like Remote Buddy use this feature to make other remotes look like an Apple Remote to apps and the system.

System Preferences

Important options for built-in Apple IR Receivers are burried in the advanced settings of the System Preferences Security settings – and their meaning not always easily comprehensible. Candelair finally gives these options the place they deserve: their own System Preferences pane, complete with text and images illustrating their meaning.


The reasons for an Apple Remote not working can be manifold - and trying to find the reason an unrewarding, lengthy procedure. The Remote Control Diagnostics tool included with Candelair makes this task significantly easier by performing automated checks and providing an actionable diagnostic report of its findings.


If you want to use Candelair technology in your own product, please get in touch.


Requires macOS 10.6 or later. macOS Sierra recommended.