ℹ️ Remote Control Diagnostics is no longer developed or supported.

Remote Control Diagnostics

Helps you identify the source of issues where, when you press a button on your Apple Remote, nothing happens.


When nothing happens when you press a button on your Apple® Remote, this can have many different - and often very technical - reasons. This utility was written to greatly simplify the process of identifying the source of such issues and provides you with useful tips on how to address them. Remote Control Diagnostics is a free download.


Checks your system for common error sources and provides results in issue/potential issue/informal categories. Remote Control Diagsnotics works strictly in a read-only fashion and doesn't change any settings or system files.

Actionable Results

Remote Control Diagnostics provides you with information on how to address issues and potential issues that it has found, but never takes action itself.

Battery Check

Visual check of your remote control's signal. Requires a web cam supported by macOS.

Apple Remote only

Remote Control Diagnostics inspects the Apple Remote subsystem of macOS and can checks Macs with a built-in or emulated Apple IR Receiver.

Included Checks

This is a non-exhaustive list of issues and potential issues RCD can detect:

  1. The IR Receiver is paired with a particular remote
  2. The IR Receiver was disabled in system preferences
  3. Built-in macOS functionality has not been loaded
  4. Applications currently accessing the IR Receiver exclusively
  5. Potential incompatibilities of applications with outdated Apple® Remote support code with macOS 10.6.2 and later
  6. Apple® IR Receiver driver has been unloaded or not been loaded
  7. Currently active virtual machines accessing the Apple® IR Receiver directly
  8. The IR Receiver hasn't been detected by macOS due to a common, USB-related SMC issue
  9. The Mac® doesn't have a built-in IR Receiver
  10. ..
Remote Control Diagnostics

Requires macOS 10.6 or later.