Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta

Remote Buddy 2.0 is a significant update with a lot of new features, completely new and rewritten drivers, 64-bit and macOS Catalina compatibility.

What's new

The original announcement provides a good overview over what's new in version 2.0.

Upgrading and Availability

Please see the upgrade page for information on available upgrades to version 2.0.

Public Beta

Because of the huge extent of the update, Remote Buddy 2.0 is first available as a Public Beta for testing by a wider audience.

Except for a few pages that refer to Remote Buddy 2.0 explicitly, all information on this website refers to version 1.x. The website will be updated alongside the final release of version 2.0.


Beta Notice

Please keep in mind this is a beta, so it's entirely possible (even likely) you'll encounter bugs - and that the release version will be different in many ways.

If you have an existing Remote Buddy installation, please make a backup of your settings before launching Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta for the first time.

Use the Public Beta only at your own risk.

Known Issues

  • Music Library access is not yet supported under macOS 10.15
  • the new Apple TV and Podcasts app in macOS 10.15 are not yet supported
  • the padding around iTunes' Now Playing and EyeTV recording overviews is too small
  • accessing Help from within Remote Buddy doesn't work
  • dark mode is not supported
  • not an issue: the Hotkey Remote is now turned off by default. To re-enable it, go to Prefs > Hardware > Virtual Receiver and check the box in front of Hotkey Remote.

Compatible Hardware

IR Receivers
  • Flirc USB (Gen 2) IR transceiver
  • Apple IR receivers
  • Keyspan IR receivers (UIA-11, UIA-11F)
  • MCE/eHome IR receivers (list of compatible receivers available here)
IR Remotes
  • Apple Remote
  • Keyspan IR remotes
  • Logitech Harmony 300
  • Logitech Harmony 350
  • Logitech Harmony 525
  • Logitech Harmony 650
  • Logitech Harmony 665
  • Logitech Harmony 880
  • Logitech Harmony 950
  • Logitech Harmony One
  • MCE remotes (three common models included)
Bluetooth Remotes
  • Amazon Alexa Voice Remote (Bluetooth LE, included with 2019 / 2nd gen Fire TV Stick)
  • Amazon Fire TV Remote (included with 1st gen Fire TV Stick)
  • Amazon Fire TV Remote Voice (included with 1st gen Fire TV)
  • Logitech Harmony Companion
  • Logitech Harmony Elite
  • Logitech Harmony Smart Control
  • Logitech Harmony Ultimate
  • Nintendo Wii Remote (not plus!)
  • Satechi Aluminum Remote
  • Satechi Media Remote
  • SMK Blu-Link PS3 Remote
  • Sony PS3 BD Remote
RF Remotes
  • Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row (with ER-RF1 receiver)
  • Griffin AirClick USB
Apple devices
  • iOS devices running Remote Buddy Mobile (on the same network)
  • tvOS devices running Remote Buddy Display (on the same network)
Status of Siri Remote support

Direct support for Apple's Siri Remote is not planned for the initial 2.0 release. Basic support may follow in a later release. A different, Siri Remote focused product is still under development and scheduled to ship in 2020.


Remote Buddy 2.0 requires a Mac running macOS 10.12 Sierra or later. It's compatible with macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Setting up Harmony IR remotes

Setting up a Harmony IR remote for use with Remote Buddy is really simple:

In Remote Buddy
  1. Click on Remote Buddy's menu bar icon and select "Setup new device…".
  2. Select your Harmony IR remote and click "Add device".
  3. Click "Proceed" after following the displayed configuration steps (reproduced below):
    1. Launch "" and log into your Harmony account.
    2. Select your Harmony remote.
    3. Inside the overview for your remote, select "Devices" on the left.
    4. Click on "Add device".
    5. Enter "iospirit" as Manufacturer and "Remote Buddy Universal" as Device Model Number.
    6. Click on the "Add" button.
    7. Connect your Harmony remote via USB and click on "Sync".
  • If the Enter ("E") button below the remote's numpad doesn't work, go to the Buttons section, select the Iospirit Media Player device and check that the Enter command has been assigned to the button. If not, locate it in the list of commands on the right and drag and drop it onto the button.
  • If you can't control Remote Buddy with your remote, check that the device has been selected on the remote. You can find the button to which the Iospirit Media Player device has been assigned by selecting Iospirit Media Player under Devices. The name of the button can then be found above the list of actions for the device. Press that button on your Harmony remote to switch to that device and control Remote Buddy.

Setting up Harmony Hub-based remotes

If you have already set up a Harmony Hub-based remote in Remote Buddy 1.x, your settings will be migrated automatically.

If you want to set up a new Harmony Hub-based remote with Remote Buddy 2.0, follow these steps:

Basic setup
  1. Open the Harmony app on your smartphone
  2. Switch to the "Devices" tab and select "Edit"
  3. Tap "+ Device" at the bottom of the list
  4. On the "Add device" screen, select "Computer"
  5. On the "Add computer" screen, select "Mac", then tap the ">" arrow at the top
  6. Select "Yes" when asked if you'd like to creation an Action with the new device
  7. Under "Choose devices", select only the new device, then tap the ">" arrow at the top
  8. You're now asked to manually turn on your computer. Tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  9. You're now asked to confirm your computer is turned on. At this point:
    • On your Mac, click on Remote Buddy's menu bar icon and select "Setup new device…".
    • Select your Harmony IR remote and click "Add device".
  10. In the Harmony app on your smartphone, tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  11. The Harmony now shows pairing instructions. At this point:
    • Wait for "Harmony Keyboard" to show up in the Bluetooth device list on your Mac.
    • Click "Connect" next to "Harmony Keyboard" to pair it.
  12. If successful, the app now confirms that the pairing has been successful. Tap the ">" arrow at the top.
  13. Select "Test later" if asked whether you want to test the Action now.
Adjusting the button configuration

In order to be able to use all buttons on your remote to control Remote Buddy, the actions to some buttons need to be changed in the Harmony app. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Harmony app on your smartphone, tap the "hamburger" icon at the top-left.
  2. Select "Harmony Setup".
  3. Select "Add or edit devices and actions".
  4. Select "Actions".
  5. Select the action you created for your Mac.
  6. Select "Configure Remote".
  7. Select "Edit Buttons".
  8. Go through the table below and tap those buttons for which the "Change needed" column contains "Yes", then make sure the Short and Long actions for these buttons match what is listed in the table.
  9. When done, back out of the menu to sync the changes.
Button Action for Short / Long press Change needed
Rewind Rewind / Rewind -
Play Play / Play -
Fast Forward Fast Forward / Fast Forward -
Record R / R Yes
Pause P / P Yes
Stop S / S Yes
Red C / C -
Green D / D -
Yellow E / E Yes
Blue F / F Yes
DVR V / V Yes
Guide G / G Yes
Info N / N Yes
Exit B / B Yes
Menu Menu / Menu -
Vol + VolumeUp / VolumeUp -
Vol - VolumeDown / VolumeDown -
Ch Up ChannelUp / ChannelUp Yes
Ch Down ChannelDown / ChannelDown Yes
Direction Up DirectionUp / DirectionUp -
Direction Down DirectionDown / DirectionDown -
Direction Left DirectionLeft / DirectionLeft -
Direction Right DirectionRight / DirectionRight-
Direction SelectOK / OK -
Mute Mute / Mute -
Back Back / Back -
1 1 / 1 -
2 2 / 2 -
3 3 / 3 -
4 4 / 4 -
5 5 / 5 -
6 6 / 6 -
7 7 / 7 -
8 8 / 8 -
9 9 / 9 -
0 0 / 0 -
.- H / H Yes
E M / M Yes


Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 7.3 (30.08.2020):

  • Public Beta 7.3 extends the Public Beta timeout and contains no other changes. Work on Public Beta 8 continues and will bring amazing new features in many areas. Thanks for your patience and support!
  • expires October 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 7.2 (30.07.2020):

  • Public Beta 7.2 extends the Public Beta timeout and contains no other changes. Public Beta 8 will bring amazing new features, but needs more time. Stay tuned!
  • expires August 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 7 (14.06.2020):

  • Fix: discounted upgrades were not offered for all licenses.
  • expires July 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 6 (31.05.2020):

  • NEW: integrated Backups: add, remove and restore backups of settings and Behaviours (Prefs > General > Backups)
  • NEW: new wizard for migrating settings and Behaviours from Remote Buddy Express
  • NEW: IOSPIRIT Benefits program support: get access to upgrades and special offers
  • Enhancement: faster, more efficient screen sharing
  • Fix: switching AirPlay speakers is now supported on macOS 10.15
  • Fix: fix for possible loss of access to Apple Remotes after using Fast User Switching
  • Fix: quitting Remote Buddy from the context menu provided by the Dock sometimes wasn't possible
  • Fix: fixes a rare bug that could lead to crashes when switching apps
  • expires July 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 5 (31.03.2020):

  • BD Remote and Wii Remote: pairing uses System Preferences under macOS 10.14 to work around pairing bugs introduced with recent macOS updates
  • This release is mostly about extending the public beta timeout. A much bigger update is in the works, but not all parts of it could be finished before the Public Beta 4 expiration date (March 31st, 2020).
  • expires May 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 4 (30.01.2020):

  • Privacy: adds System-Events to list of apps requiring Apple Events access
  • Menu: increase default menu size by 30%
  • Menu: adds Play/Pause button description to mapping overview in menu
  • expires March 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 3 (10.01.2020):

  • introducing Diagnostic Tools
    • accessible via the Tools button in the Diagnostics window
    • new Diagnostic Export tool
      • log settings: turn local debug logging on/off
      • easy export of logs and other diagnostic information as ZIP archive
    • more diagnostic tools are in the making
  • addresses an issue where Preferences couldn't be opened on some systems.
  • addresses an issue where Remote Buddy could only access some Bluetooth remotes after a relaunch.
  • expires January 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 2 (30.12.2019):

  • App support
    • include Behaviours supporting the Mac App Store versions of the macgo Blu-Ray players
  • Mobile Access
    • TCP-level performance improvements
    • fix "stuttering" when both Mac and iOS device are connected to the router via Wi-Fi
  • Device support
    • adds support for Satechi Aluminum Remotes (incl. ability to pick from gold, silver and space grey models)
    • adds support for Harmony 350 remotes
    • adds support for Harmony 650/655 remotes
    • adds support for Harmony 950 remote
    • pairing procedure for Fire TV Remotes now more reliable
    • fixes an issue where Remote Buddy couldn't get access to certain Bluetooth remote controls on some Macs
  • Diagnostics
    • now always accessible via the menu item - even if no issue has been found
    • improved precision and tagged logging
  • Security & Privacy
    • the prompt previously randomly came up during launch even though nothing had changes - fixed
  • Updater
    • fix hang on 10.12 when updating (only applies to future updates installed via public beta 2)
  • Licensing
    • improved feedback if a version 1.x license code is not accepted
  • Expires January 31st, 2020

Remote Buddy 2.0 Public Beta 1 (21.11.2019):

  • Initial Public Beta release
  • Expires December 31st, 2019