Support Remote Buddy FAQ Hardware - Wii Remote

I can't connect my Wii Remote to Remote Buddy by pressing 1 and 2 together.

Please go through all of the following points to check your setup for possible errors:

  1. Please make sure that your computer is equipped with Bluetooth and that it is active. You can enable and disable Bluetooth at any time through System Preferences.
  2. If you only switch on Bluetooth occassionally: the Bluetooth stack used by Apple does seem to need up to a minute after it has been activated, before it can establish connections to devices. During this time, Bluetooth appears to be active to applications, but isn't fully there just yet.
  3. Please make sure the Bluetooth Receiver in Remote Buddy is active (green "light" in front of its entry in the menu).
  4. Before you can use a Wii Remote with Remote Buddy for the first time, you need to pair it through the "Setup Wizard". For pairing, open the "Setup Wizard" of Remote Buddy (you can access it in the pull down menu to be found in your system's menu bar behind the Remote Buddy icon) and follow its instructions. If the pair option is greyed out, use the Setup Wizard to install the Remote Buddy Kernel Extension, first.
  5. If a remote control has been connected through the setup wizard once, an active Bluetooth Receiver in Remote Buddy and pressing buttons 1 and 2 at the same time are sufficient to establish a connection.
  6. If not all four LEDs are blinking when pressing button 1 and 2 - or if they blink with different brightness - your battery may no longer hold enough power for the operation of the remote control. Fresh batteries then solve the problem.
  7. If the combination of buttons 1 and 2 does not lead to a successful pairing, you'll find a small red knob after removing the battery door, which, when pressed, will also trigger the pairing.
  8. In rare cases (we currently know of only one), the remote control itself needs to be reset. Therefore, remove the batteries for at least 30 seconds, then insert them again and try anew to establish a connection. You may possibly have to pair the remote anew, first.

Last updated: Mar 11, 2009