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02.06.2017 07:30:07
RBE 1.30.3 - Problem with built-in Safari actions [had to create my own]

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I am trying to use my Harmony 300 remote to control Safari. I've struck a problem with some of the built-in actions. For example, the Next Link action always skips two links instead of going to the next link - i.e. it goes to the third link from the link currently on focus. Similarly, the Previous Link action goes back 3 links.

I solved that problem by creating my own custom Next Link action with the option-tab keystroke and Previous Link with shift-option-tab. I would like to have auto repeat on those actions but that option causes the focus to move to the fourth link away ie. skips three links.

I am using the Iospirit Media Player [Iospirit Remote Buddy Universal] profile in my Harmony.

Are there updated versions of the built-in actions available ? If this is a bug, can it be fixed in the next RBE release ?



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