I'm happy to announce that Remote Buddy Mobile 1.3 made it to the App Store, now including:

Smart Rotation Lock 💡

The last release added support for using Remote Buddy Mobile in both portrait and landscape mode. However, as it turned out, putting down your device on a couch can easily make iOS believe you'd like to change orientation, when in fact you don't want to.

Version 1.3 improves upon this by adding Smart Rotation Lock: if turned on, it will only allow changes from portrait to landscape orientation when using the screen sharing module.

"We made a video - and I'd like to show it to you now."

It was about time to make an App Preview video for the App Store - and so I used this update as an opportunity to add one. Here it is, in its full 30 seconds glory:

Bugfixes 🐞

This release also includes bugfixes. Thanks everyone for your feedback and sending in bug reports! You rock! ❤️

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