Remote Buddy FAQ

An installed app, for which a behaviour exists, does not turn up in Remote Buddy's menu. What should I do?

There are several possible error sources:

  • The application has been installed after Remote Buddy has already been launched

    For efficiency reasons, Remote Buddy only searches for supported applications when its started. If you have installed an application after launching Remote Buddy, please quit Remote Buddy and launch it anew.

  • Outdated program versions

    The installed version of the program in question could be outdated and identify itself with a different Bundle Identifier than the version supported by Remote Buddy.

  • Custom menus

    If you use a custom menu in Remote Buddy and you don't make use of Remote Buddy's smart folders, the menu structure is static. You have to manually add the behaviour into a place of your choice in the menu.

  • The behaviour is deactivated.

    Make sure, the checkbox in front of the Behaviour's name in the Mappings pane of the preferences is active.

Last updated: May 25, 2011 – Filed under: Unterstützte Apps