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Which Harmony commands need to be assigned to the respective buttons on the Harmony® remote so that I can use all buttons with Remote Buddy?

The table that follows lists the commands the Harmony software assigns to the respective buttons by default - and how these need to be changed for Remote Buddy. For Remote Buddy, the commands for short and long button presses should always be identical.

Good to know:

  • Not all Harmony® remotes supported by Harmony® Hubs have all of the buttons listed below.
  • The Home Control buttons on f.ex. the Harmony® Companion can't be used to control Remote Buddy due to limitations of the Harmony® software.

Button Harmony Default: Short Harmony Default: Long Adapted for Remote Buddy: short & long
Rewind ScanPrev Prev ScanPrev
Fast Forward ScanNext ScanNext ScanNext
Play Play Play Play
Pause Pause Pause Pause
Record - - Circle
Stop Stop Eject Stop
Red Red Red Red
Green Green Green Green
Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
Blue Blue Blue Blue
DVR - - Triangle
Guide - - TopMenu
Info - - Display
Exit - - InstantLeft
Vol + - - L1
Vol - - - L2
Mute - - L3
Menu Popup/Menu Popup/Menu Popup/Menu
Ch/Pg + ChannelUp ChannelUp ChannelUp
Ch/Pg - ChannelDown ChannelDown ChannelDown
Return Return Return Return
Left DirectionLeft DirectionLeft DirectionLeft
Right DirectionRight DirectionRight DirectionRight
Up DirectionUp DirectionUp DirectionUp
Down DirectionDown DirectionDown DirectionDown
OK Enter Enter Enter
0-9 0-9 0-9 0-9
.- -/-- -/-- -/--
E - - InstantRight

Here's where and how you can make the changes:

Last updated: Nov 27, 2018