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How can I increase battery life?

To increase battery life for the Sony BD Remote, you should turn on the power saving options Remote Buddy offers. You can find them at Remote Buddy Preferences > Hardware > Bluetooth Receiver.

These settings are recommended:


Search for paired remotes on startup: On.
Stop searching for paired remotes after max .. minutes: Off.
Display pairing instructions and status messages: Off. If you experience problems, you should turn this option back on to aid you in debugging the problem.

Energy saving

Automatically disconnect remotes after inactivity of more than .. minute(s): On, value of 1 minute.
Disconnect remotes when computer goes to sleep: On. The potential power saving with this option is huge. But as the warning says, this will not work with all computers: if you can't wake up your computer with your remote after turning this option on, please turn it off again.

Last updated: Feb 7, 2009