Support Remote Buddy FAQ License, License code & online verification

My license code is not being accepted / the verification of my license code does fail.

We know of three possible error sources:

  1. typos in the entered data and/or a wrong email address

    If the license code field has a red background, it does either contain a typo or the email address you entered does not belong to the license code. Please enter the email address you used for ordering your license code. The license code is locked to the email address. Please also fill in the name field, so no field remains blank. Neither your email address nor your name will be transfered during the online verification itself. To ensure that you don't cut and paste more than you want into any of the fields (OS X supports multiline input into one linue input fields, but will always only show one of the lines), click in the respective field, press Command + A, then Del, then enter the data for the respective field manually.

  2. the verification result can't be saved

    Saving the successful verification result is the last step in the verification process. Sometimes, saving the result is not possible due to insufficient filesystem permissions. You'll then, too, get an error message that the verification failed. If you selected the option "Install license for all users" (only available when you logged in as an administrator), please try again without selecting this option.

  3. you are using an outdated version

    The format of the license code has changed with version 1.0 Preview 14 (April 2007). Releases older than that do not support the new license code format. If you are using a release older than that, your license code will not be accepted. The solution is to download the latest version from and install it. This is also recommendable after upgrading to Leopard as older versions do not work under Leopard - only the latest versions do.

Last updated: Dec 11, 2009