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03.01.2008 22:15:55
Cannot unlock screen after waking MacBook when kernel extensions installed

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I've been enjoying the demo version of Remote Buddy very much. All I use is the AJAX remote to control iTunes from my iPhone. So I did not install the kernel extensions. But I got tired of RB always asking to install the extensions on start up (even if I clicked the checkbox to not ask me again) so I finally installed them.

But after I installed the kernel extensions, when RB is running and I close the lid on my MacBook, I cannot unlock the screen when I open the lid again. I have the MacBook set up to require my password when it wakes from sleep. The panel comes up, and there is a blinking cursor in the password field. But as soon as I try to type something the pointer changes to the spinning beach ball. No text appears when I type and I cannot even move the pointer with the trackpad. I have to hold the power button down and restart.

I uninstalled the kernel extensions and now I do not have this issue.

I have a 2.2 GHz MacBook running Mac OS X 10.5.1. I have version 1.8.1 of Remote Buddy.

Mikael Behrens

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