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31.01.2012 14:59:46
Wake up screen?

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.

The only thing I look for in my IR driver is to wake up the screen when i touch a button on the apple remote.

From what I can understand of the release notes of Candelair this should be supported.. or am I missing something? I just can't get it to work (Mid 2011 mac mini with Lion)

Is the only way to get this functionality to buy remote buddy? or can I get it to work with candelair somehow?

thanks in advance 

These entries from the FAQ may be relevant to this topic:

Hardware - Apple® Remote

31.01.2012 20:00:01
Re: Wake up screen?

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.
Thanks for asking.

Candelair behaves exactly like Apple's IR driver when it comes to waking displays. Here's the full description from the release notes that should also answer your questions:

-- quote -- 
Enhancement: Updated driver (1.18.1) now shows the same display wakeup behavior under Lion as the driver supplied by Apple® with OS X® Lion GM:

1) the display is woken up when a sleeping system was woken up with the Apple® Remote.

2) the display will not be woken up when only the display is sleeping and the system is not sleeping. 
[Update (11/08/05): It is worth mentioning that, under Lion, selecting "Sleep" from the Apple® menu may often only sleep the display, but not the system (as in previous OS X releases). Our tests indicate that whether your system or only its displays are put to sleep may - at least partially - depend on whether your Mac® is connected to a power adapter or running on battery. F.ex. our Mac® Pro would always only sleep the displays (the CPU fans and drives remain on), whereas one of our MacBook® Pros would transition from sleeping displays into actual sleep as soon as we disconnected the power adapter from it. Then again, our newest MacBook® Pro always goes directly to sleep, regardless of the power source used.]

If you want your display to be woken up whenever you press a button on your Apple® Remote, you should give Remote Buddy a try, which provides this more HTPC-friendly behaviour. 
-- / quote --

Best regards, 
Felix Schwarz 


12.02.2012 01:00:31
Re: Wake up screen?

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.
I'm having the same issue here on my MacMini 2011 running XBMC Eden Beta 3 and Candelair (to fix the volume up/down issues with the apple remote in XBMC which work fine now).

Energy settings in XBMC send the MacMini to sleep after 5 minutes. When I press a button on the apple remote (white model) it wakes up again (led stops blinking slowly and is ON all the time) but the monitor stays black. Only when I press a key on the keyboard the monitor wakes up (or more precise the graphics card wakes up). I can see that the MacMini got all the remote commands from where I am in the XBMC menu, just the monitor didn't wake up.

Before using Candelair the wake up was always working correctly, waking up the MacMini and the Monitor.

Edit: The MacMini is connected via HDMI to a Pioneer Plasma.


I added darkwake=0 as a boot string. It is =1 as default in Lion, and causing the display not to not wakeup using the remote.

Here is what I did in terminal:

sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> 
<plist version="1.0"> 
<key>Kernel Flags</key> 

Best regards, 

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12.02.2012 14:36:01
Re: Wake up screen?

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.

as described in the previously quoted release notes, when you send a Mac with Lion to sleep you no longer have a guarantee that your Mac actually sleeps. It'll always turn off your displays. But depending on your settings in System Preferences, it'll either stay awake - or actually sleep. The difference between staying awake and actual sleep can be as tiny as turning on and off File Sharing in System Preferences > Sharing.

It is, however, Lion's default behaviour (and therefore also the behaviour Candelair implements) that, on receiving Apple Remote button presses, your Mac's display is only woken when your entire Mac was previously asleep. Your screen will not be woken by Apple's IR driver (and, again, therefore also with Candelair, which tries to mimic the original driver as close as technically possible) if your Mac wasn't actually sleeping (which, as described above, can often be the case even if you explicitly told your Mac to go to sleep before).

When the problem occurs, please enter

pmset -g live

in and copy and paste the results.

Best regards, 
Felix Schwarz