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03.12.2016 03:59:01
Harmony Smart Control Issues

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.
I have recently purchased a Harmony Smart Control Remote to integrate with Remote Buddy. 
Following the helpful guide, I was able to create a PS3 device and an activity using the device, in the process pairing the smart control with the Mac Mini. 
Within remote buddy, I can assign buttons of the physical remote to various application behaviors, and they function properly within those applications (e.g. iTunes, MythTV) 
However, the directional control within the Remote Buddy menu is not functional. How are the button assignments done with Remote Buddy that allow navigation within the Remote Buddy Menu?

EDIT: I was able to solve this problem; apparently the desktop software was unable to map the four directional buttons; I was able to successfully map them using the iPhone app via the Remote Buddy activity.

My other issue is that the software remote (i.e. iPhone app) buttons do not appear to work. The iPhone app can control other devices (TV, receiver). Does Remote Buddy support the software remote through Smart Control?

EDIT 2: I was able to use the iPhone app buttons only by selecting "Devices" > "Sony PS3" and using those buttons in conjunction with the PS3-to-Harmony Remote mapping table that I used to configure the physical remote. 
But the physical remote mapping apparently does not apply to the buttons that are available under the Remote Buddy Activity in the iPhone app.

EDIT 3: OK, I tried setting up a new activity, this time without the TV or receiver, but only the PS3. Now the software remote uses the PS3 buttons. So the problem arises when using the PS3 device for Remote Buddy in an Activity with other devices. In my case, when I include Remote Buddy in an activity with the TV, the software remote defaults to the TV remote, and not the PS3. 
I now realize this is not a Remote Buddy issue. But if I am able to find a solution that allows integrating Remote Buddy with my TV in a common activity, I will post it here.


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04.12.2016 06:40:32
Re: Harmony Smart Control Issues

This posting is older than 6 months and can contain outdated information.
The solution to the issue of the Harmony App buttons not being set correctly is to make sure the Activity for Remote Buddy is created as "Play a Game". Only then will the Harmony App load up the PS3 remote as the software buttons. 
If you try to create an Activity for Remote Buddy as "Watch TV" or "Watch Smart TV" or even "Custom", Harmony will force the App buttons to be those from the TV remote.