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12.03.2017 01:37:28
New constructed behaviours don't show in Mapping

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I have created new behaviours for two applications. I can see them in the Behaviour Construction Kit and have chosen to install them. But, they don't show in the Mapping function.

One of the apps is call "Allavsoft". It is a commercial video downloader. In the Construction Kit, its identifier is "/Applications/". That's a bit odd as normally, the identifier looks like "", for example.

The other app is a Wineskin prefix. The identifier is weirder still: "iViewRipper87211961Wine.wineskin.prefs".

I can't find any support info on how to get these apps to be accessible in RBE. They work perfectly well on the Mac.

Also, no icon shows in the Construction Kit for those two apps.

Is there any way I can control those apps with RBE ?



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