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09.04.2017 06:15:54
How to create a Custom Action which runs a built-in Kodi action

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I'm running Kody 17.1 with the latest RBE. I have created quite a few custom actions but, I can't figure out how to do that with a built-in Kodi action.

For example, Kodi has the built-in action "Seek(##)". I would like to map "Seek10" to a key on my Harmony remote. But, I can't find a way to do it. A single keystroke can't do it (unless I can somehow map "Seek10" to that keystroke. It looks like Kodi is not scriptable (Script Editor can't find a dictionary). There's nothing else I can't find that comes close.

There are a good number of built-in actions for Kodi in RBE. But, they don't include Seek. Kodi keymaps can be edited but, the GUI keymap editor doesn't include the Seek action and my attempts to manually edit the user's keymap file have failed.

So, is it possible to add the Seek(##) action to the standard set supplied with RBE ?



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