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28.08.2017 18:18:25
Issues while setting up Remote Buddy with Harmony Hub and Mac Mini, Please help

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My Harmony Smart Control is already configured to control the TV, AVR when I press an button. I have also created Plex and itunes behaviors within the remote buddy and now would like to control it all together.

As recommended in this thread ( , I did registered PS3.

I am not sure how I can add PS3 the current activities of watching Plex or listening Itunes .May be I am doing something wrong, as the Harmony is perfectly controlling the AVR and TV, but seems to be not invoking PS3.

If I configure PS3 as a separate activity it works sometimes, but it also closes as i press Watch Plex activity on Harmony remote. I did added PS3 in the devices for Watach Plex Activities but am not sure how to invoke PS3 when I click on Watch Plex activity on harmony. Does it need to be tied up somewhere so that when I click on Watch Plex on Harmony Remote it will start the PS3(enable bluetooth BD Control) and control it?

Also i have seen my mac mini seems to forgetting about PS3 (BD Control) and pair with Harmony Hub as Harmony Keyboard, Does it happens due to some configuration Issues?

Experts could you please help and advice?

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