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12.10.2017 08:09:47
Power button on Harmony 350 - Answered

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I found that AR219, Menu key works. It pops a little graphic of Z's then blanks the screen and goes into Sleep.


I recently purchased a Harmony 350 remote to replace a Harmony 300 with dead buttons. The 350 works in the same way as the 300 except for the power button. On the 300, a single press of the power button puts the Mac into Sleep mode. But, with the 350, the power button just brings up the RBE Menu.

I want to map the "Put Computer to Sleep" action to the 350's power button but, I can't figure out which AR (AR210-AR221) it is. Can you advise which AR and which key press might work?


RBE 1.31.1 
OS X 10.12.6

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