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Collecting information on performance issues

If you experience one of our apps hanging, this can have many different underlying reasons. To find out what is causing such an issue on your Mac, please follow these steps to collect information and send it to us:

Launch Activity Monitor

You can find Activity Monitor in Applications > Utilities on your Mac, or search it via Spotlight and launch it from there.

Switch to the CPU tab and select our app

You can use the search field in the top right corner of Activity Monitor's window to filter for our app.

Click on the dots icon and select Sample Process

Wait for Activity Monitor to complete sampling

This will take just a few seconds.

In the report, select Save…

Save the sample report to a location on your Mac.

Send us the report

Please send us an email with the sample report attached. If you didn't previously describe in which situation this issue occurs, please also add a brief description and - where it makes sense - screenshots. The more context we have, the easier it is for us to identify the cause of the issue.

Thanks for your support!

Last updated: Oct 27, 2022 – Filed under: Troubleshooting