IOSPIRIT GmbH is proud to announce the immediate availability of the biggest update of its solution for remote controls under Mac OS® X. Using Remote Buddy Preview 6, users can take full control over their Mac via the Apple Remote that shipped with it (or use any other supported remote for less recent Macs).

  • Summary of the major new features:

    The menus have been modernized and do now include user interface elements relevant to the respectively active application. They allow to control volume, the rating of songs, terminating and hiding the active application and directly opening the files that were recently used with it. Users of EyeTV 2 and iTunes will also love the presentation of detailed information on recordings and songs directly in the menu - including available previews and coverart.

    There are good news for media center enthusiasts as well: for the first time it has become possible to easily switch between Front Row, Media Central 2 and the full screen menu mode of EyeTV 2.3. All of them are supported by Remote Buddy. And thanks to the unique, new Quick Exit feature, Front Row and Media Central 2 users can return to their desktop quickly and cleanly without any navigation through their menus.

    Besides its own AppleScript commands and support for the Griffin AirClick USB remote control, this latest preview release does now also include behaviours for iPhoto, Safari, GraphicConverter, Media Central 2, netTunes, FireFox, Camino and the Accessibility tools of Mac OS® X. In total over 30 new features, enhancements and fixes have been integrated into this new version.

    Videos, that give an overview over the abilities of Remote Buddy including its integrated file browser and mouse- and keyboard emulation, are available on the Remote Buddy website ( ).

    Remote Buddy currently can be used with all Macs that include an Apple Remote or with every other Mac equipped with either the Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row or the Griffin AirClick USB remote control. Own behaviours can be created using the Behaviour Construction Kit or XCode. The introductory price for Remote Buddy is just 9,99 €.

  • More info

    You can find a compact overview with many screenshots at the Remote Buddy website at: . A detailed list of what's new in this version can be found at .

  • Availability

    Remote Buddy 1.0 Preview 6 is immediately available for MacOS® X 10.4.6 ("Tiger") and higher as a Universal Binary at an introductory price of 9,99 € (approximately 12.70 US dollars). The price will presumably be raised to 14,99 € (approximately 19 US dollars) later. The prices are final prices and already include 16% VAT for customers inside the EU. On the hardware side, a Mac with a remote control supported by Remote Buddy is mandatory. A list of supported hardware is available at Remote Buddy does not include any of the controlled applications. They have to be purchased and/or installed seperately. A trial version can be downloaded at . There are no functional limitations during the 30 day trial period. Remote Buddy is localized in English and German.

  • About the IOSPIRIT GmbH

    The IOSPIRIT GmbH has been founded in 2004 by Felix Schwarz with the aim of developing high-quality software for the Mac® - low-priced, so everybody can enjoy it.

    A special focus during development lies on the latest technologies in MacOS® X, their innovative use, own innovations and industry novelties - far away from outworn paths.

    At the same time the IOSPIRIT GmbH is its own distributor. The platform used therefore is an internal development - tailored to the needs of the market - and therefore allows efficient and fast processing of incoming orders and queries.

    The IOSPIRIT GmbH is based in Nuremberg, Germany.

    For more information, please contact:

    IOSPIRIT GmbH, Felix Schwarz, CEO
    Phone: +49 911 3677423
    Email: Contact

    A presskit with screenshots and logos is available here:

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