Remote Buddy 1.16.4 is now available for download.

What's new since version 1.16.3

  • NEW: Behaviour for Bridge CS5
  • NEW: Behaviour for Capture One® (Pro) 5
  • NEW: Behaviour for Lightroom® 3
  • NEW: Behaviour for QuickTime® Player 7
  • Enhancement: The file browser now also supports the launch of .command files.
  • Fix: Added a workaround for the iOS 4 issue where auto login cookies aren't stored by iOS 4 when using AJAX Remote in full screen mode. AJAX Remote now works around the issue by storing a copy of the auto login cookie via HTML5 SQL Storage.
  • Fix: Fixed a concurrency problem when using an EyeTV receiver and Apple® IR Receiver with an Apple® Remote at the same time.
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