Remote Buddy 1.17 is now available for download.

What's new since version 1.16.6

  • NEW: Now based on Candelair 1.5 (Driver 1.9.0), which introduces a new, more flexible concept for its included drivers and provides improved support for 64 Bit kernels.
  • NEW: New dual mode driver for the Apple® IR Receiver allows you to use it with and without installing the Candelair driver. This feature is only available on OS X® 10.5 and later for technical reasons.
  • Enhancement: Support for iTunes® 10.2 remote speaker selection.
  • Enhancement: Further improved Apple IR decoder for eHome/MCE receivers.
  • Enhancement: Reduced launch time thanks to enhanced plugin loading routines.
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of sudden disconnects of remotes and receivers.
  • Enhancement: Lots of cosmetic changes.

Regarding PowerPC™ support

Our last PowerPC™ machine quit service, so we are no longer able to test new releases for compatibility with PowerPC™ machines ourselves. Since we got zero feedback when searching for beta testers via the Remote Buddy forum and Twitter, we estimate interest in PowerPC™ support to be very low, maybe even completely absent by now. So, starting with this release, we're dropping support for PowerPC™ Macs. The - as of now - last release of Remote Buddy with support for PowerPC™ CPUs can be downloaded from the Remote Buddy FAQ.

If you happen to still use a PowerPC™-based Mac® and you'd like to help out with beta testing, please get in touch. If there's enough interest and we can gather a critical mass of beta testers, PowerPC™ support may return in the next release.

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