Before leaving for the holidays for a few days, I'd like to give you a quick update.

Thanks for your feedback

Thanks everyone for your feedback! It has helped me greatly to identify and fix bugs and prioritize new features. You're awesome!

Please keep the feedback coming. I may not always be able to answer quickly to every mail (and I'm genuinely sorry if that's the case), but I read, appreciate and consider all the feedback I get.

Public Beta 2 is coming soon

The second Public Beta of Remote Buddy 2.0 will be released before the end of the year. It'll contain support for additional remotes, detail improvements and bug fixes.

Update on pricing

I'm close to finish pricing for Remote Buddy 2.0 and optimistic that I can announce details in January 2020. Meanwhile, I'm working on the necessary infrastructure to provide easy access to special upgrade pricing and exclusive offers from partners.

As stated previously, Remote Buddy 2.0 will be a free upgrade if you purchased your version 1.x license in 2018 or later.

Trials while in public beta

While Remote Buddy 2.0 is in public beta, new trials can be started right after the previous trial time has ended.

Updates by email

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Last, but certainly not least…

Happy Holidays!

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