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10.02.2018 21:29:41
Playback slow and choppy after restart

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Hello all. I just discovered the tvOS remote bbuddy app and I think itís brilliant. I installed it on my 4k Apple TV to control my Intel i5 iMac because I want to watch live TV on my AppleTv through EyeTV3 running on my Mac.

Ok now that thatís out of the way, everything was running ok except that there was no sound coming from the AppleTV. The only way that i was able to get sound was by choosing Airplay from my Mac to my ATV. Also, the picture was a little rough and pixelated.

All those issues are acceptable since I was finally able to find a way to watch live TV from my cable company on my ATV.

However, hereís where I continue running into the same issue. Everytime I turn off my TV and try to watch it later the remote buddy app shows the video super choppy maybe 5fps and then no sound until I selct it from the Airplay menu again on the Mac.

Even after the sound starts again, the video stays super choppy until I quit Remote buddy and restart it again.

Any help to resolve these issus would be great. Thanks!

BTW, my AppleTV and MAC are both conncted to a Samsung soundbar via HDMI so I donít know if this is where the sound issue comes from. 

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