Over the past few months, IOSPIRIT has released two major components to further remote control support and interoperability in OS X applications: first, the Candelair driver package to cleanly work around widespread issues third-party applications are having with the Apple® Remote support in OS X 10.6. Second, the HIDRemote class, which makes it easy for developers to integrate robust, driver-independant and clean remote control support into their applications.

Both have helped a large number of users and an increasing number of high profile projects to make the use of the Apple® Remote a much more pleasant experience.

Today, Candelair and HIDRemote are joined by Remote Control Diagnostics (RCD). It helps you identify the source of issues where, when you press a button on your Apple® Remote, nothing happens. In the past, finding the true reason for such an issue could be pretty demanding with regards to time and required know-how. In contrast, RCD provides a one click system check that scans for almost all known error sources. If it finds an issue or potential issue, it provides you with information on how you can resolve it. RCD takes full advantage of additional diagnostic information provided by OS X 10.6 and the broadcasted metadata of HIDRemote-enabled applications.

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