Remote Buddy 1.17.1 and Candelair 1.5.1 are now available for download.

Candelair 1.5.1 addresses a rarely occurring IOKit driver matching issue (introduced with driver version 1.9.0) that led to parts of Candelair being matched to regular, unrelated HID devices (like keyboards, mice, joysticks).

Remote Buddy 1.17.1 includes the new version of Candelair.

Follow-up regarding PowerPC™ support

I had to omit PPC support in the Remote Buddy 1.17 and Candelair 1.5 releases because I no longer have access to a PowerPC™ machine for testing purposes and nobody came back to me in time in response to my public search for PPC beta testers via the Remote Buddy forum and Twitter.

In the last two weeks since the release of the update, I have received only four emails regarding the lack of PPC support - of which two offered their help (thanks!). While I appreciate these very much, it also shows that interest in continued PPC support is very low - even much lower than I would have expected.

Therefore - and I really didn't make this decision lightheartedly - the discontinuation of PPC support is now permanent. As a service to those few who still use Remote Buddy on a PPC machine, the last release with PPC support remains available for download from the Remote Buddy FAQ.

Farewell PowerPC™! I really enjoyed writing tons of code for you during the (at least) twelve past years that I did - on various platforms.

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