The first update in Remote Buddy's 10th year (yes, Remote Buddy was first released in 2006!) is available now - and it brings a lot of improvements and new features under and above the hood.

Support for Plex Media Player and OpenPHT

A lot of you have been asking for support for OpenPHT and the Plex Media Player, so I'm happy to announce that this release adds support for both.

Since OpenPHT is based on Plex HT, support for OpenPHT has been added to the existing Plex Behaviour. As with previous generation switches in the Plex client software, the Plex Behaviour searches for the latest installed generation during launch and then targets that version. That means that if you have OpenPHT and Plex HT installed, it will target OpenPHT and continue to use your existing settings.

For the new Plex Media Player, things are a bit different. Unlike f.ex. OpenPHT and Plex HT, the new Plex Media Player is no longer based on XBMC and currently only supports a subset of the remote control commands that its predecessors supported. It therefore seemed like a good idea to build an entirely new Behaviour to support the new Plex Media Player. One big benefit of this is that it allows you to use OpenPHT/Plex HT and Plex Media Player side by side.

Major Candelair update

This release also comes with the biggest update to Candelair in years. Installation is faster and more robust - and the Apple IR Receiver emulation now delivers the full feature set on OS X 10.9, 10.10 and 10.11 as well. Legacy apps that weren't updated to use the modern HIDRemote class and still make assumptions about driver names and driver internals in 2016 can now be controlled through the emulation again.

Some more things

Besides the usual small improvements and fixes, this release also lays the foundation to some exciting new things that I've been working on for a while and hope to share more about with you soon. If you want to be among the first to know what this is about, please consider signing up for the newsletter and following @remotebuddy on Twitter.

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