Spacious 2.3 is now available - updated for macOS Monterey and Apple silicon!

What's new

Spacious 2.3 adds Security & Privacy settings. That new assistant helps you setting up macOS permissions and privacy options in a single place.

The Spacious Navigator comes in a new look, adopting macOS vibrancy effects.

All other changes are under the hood and mostly technical in nature:

  • runs natively on Macs with Intel and Apple silicon processors
  • uses our latest desktop actions code (shared with Remote Buddy 2)
  • comes with a new updater
  • uses hardened runtime
  • notarized by Apple
  • now requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later, compatible with macOS Monterey

Availability & pricing

Spacious 2.3 is a free update for existing users and available for download on our website.

New licenses are available for just 9.99 € / 9.99 USD. Where applicable, prices include VAT.

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