We're proud to release Remote Buddy 2.5 and Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5 today, with many new features and improvements. Here's a quick overview of what's new:

Compatible with macOS Sonoma

Remote Buddy 2.5 is now compatible with macOS 14 Sonoma and brings enhancements to enable new features in Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5.

iOS password manager integration

In Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5, the keyboard now offers integration with password managers on iOS 15 and later.

To send a username and password from your iOS device, bring up the keyboard in Remote Buddy Mobile, tap the "key" button and select the account information you'd like to send to your Mac.

The username and password you selected then become available as buttons above the iOS keyboard. Once you tap them, Remote Buddy Mobile sends the respective information as keyboard input to your Mac.

Dictation support

Also new in Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5 is support for dictation. To use it, bring up the iOS keyboard and tap its microphone button. When you're done dictating, tap the microphone button again and the recognized text will be sent to your Mac as keyboard input.

Trackpad, mouse and hardware keyboard support

Screen Sharing in Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5 now also supports a wide range of input devices connected your device. On iPad, you can now use an iPadOS-supported trackpad and mouse to scroll, zoom, click and drag.

If you have a keyboard connected to your iPad or iPhone, you can now also use it to enter text on your Mac.

Available now

Remote Buddy 2.5 and Remote Buddy Mobile 2.5 are now available.

Press Kit

A press kit with images and screenshots is available. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

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