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02.01.2018 09:56:02
How to switch audio output, and problem when putting mac to sleep

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Happy new year! 
I am new at this, still trying to figure it all out :) I have 2 questions at once, hope this is OK, and that someone might help me with this!

When viewing my Mac mini through Remote Buddy onto Aplle TV, I can not figure out how to switch the audio to Apple TV. The Mac is still wants to use the HDMI output through my Sony TV, and when trying to switch to Apple TV from the Audio meny (bottom right) nothing happens, not able to switch at all. 
I was able to switch to Aplle TV using the IOS sound meny, but this only lasted till the next time the Mac was booted. How can I use the Remote Buddt sound meny to swhitch audio outout?

Also, sometimes when I select "Power" and "Sleep", nothing happends, the Mac still stays on all the time. Only a few times has it actualle gone to sleep mode. How can I solve this?

Andreas, Oslo Norway

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