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Wii have a christmas surprise for you

December 25, 2006 - Added to Press Release, Update

Just in time for holidays, IOSPIRIT GmbH releases the first release candidate of Remote Buddy, which allows the Wii remote to be used with Bluetooth-enabled Macs.

If you have found a Wii under the christmas tree, you can now remote control your Mac as well! Among the other new features in this release is the ability to browse local and shared iTunes libraries and select and play individual tracks, albums and playlists. And we have something for movie fans, too: they can now select and launch VIDEO_TS folders directly from within Remote Buddy in either DVD Player or VLC. Thanks to Spotlight, Remote Buddy finds the respective folders itself and without any configuration. Another new feature is "Custom actions" - which is the ability to create and manage your own, executable actions directly within mapping tables. With ease! Furthermore, a brand-new, multi-threaded driver architecture does now guarantee exact timing and higher performance under the hood.

A complete and detailed list of changes is available at .

Using Release Candidate 1, users can fully control any Mac using an Apple Remote, Keyspan Express, Keyspan DMR, Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row, Griffin AirClick USB, Wii Remote, a number of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or a keyboard. At Mac Expo in Paris, Remote Buddy has received the MacGeneration Award 2006 in the category "Best use of Apple Technologies" for its innovative use of the latest technologies. To date, Mac users have downloaded Remote Buddy more than 75000 times.

IOSPIRIT GmbH wishes everybody a merry and relaxed christmas time and a happy new year.

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