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Freely configure all buttons of the new Apple® Remote - with Remote Buddy 1.16

December 18, 2009 - Added to Company News, Press Release, Update

Remote Buddy 1.16 - our remote control powerhouse for the Mac® - is available now.

What's New In Version 1.16

  • Freely map all buttons of the new Apple® Remote - The new Remote Buddy versions adds support for the new, aluminum Apple® Remote and allows the free mapping of all of its buttons under Mac OS® X 10.4 and later. A supported, compatible IR Receiver is required (*).

  • Add a new Apple® Remote to a Mac® Pro, the new MacBook® and old PowerPC™ Mac® - Apart from built-in Apple® IR receivers, Remote Buddy also supports the new Apple® Remote in combination with many external USB infrared receivers (*).

(*) Please see for a complete list.

A complete, detailed list of changes is available at

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